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About us

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The museum, which shares its historic premises with the Royal Crown Derby factory, is independently run by the Royal Crown Derby Museum Charitable Trust. It is the charity’s mission to

Celebrate and share the stories and experiences associated with Royal Crown Derby to awaken curiosity, inspire creativity, encourage innovation, and to transform people’s relationships to ceramics. 

The Royal Crown Derby Story began in about 1750 when Andrew Planche established the first china works in Derby. The story continues today and you can be part of it at our Osmaston Road site where our museum gives you an insight into the people and processes behind the design and manufacture from 1750 to today. Explore some of our history here....





Our accredited museum has a collection of over 3,500 items of porcelain mostly made in Derby, many with fascinating stories or illustrating changes in style and taste. For instance, the plate pictured to the left was designed by surrealist artist Salvador Dali.


Working with partners in Derby and beyond we are always interested in using our collections as a catalyst for creativity.

If you are interested in working with us to do great things with ceramics get in touch with our museum director Elizabeth Woledge at

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