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Welcome Back!


We are now open! Monday to Friday 10-4 (last entry 3.30) 


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our free and newly refreshed museum. Whether you are new to porcelain, or are a keen collector, you will find something of interest in our exhibition. From the designs created for the ill-fated Titanic, to the items that survived a Zeppelin attack in World War 1, discover the stories behind the iconic designs and meet the makers past, present and future.

The lower floor of our  museum is free to visit however we encourage donations to the Museum Charitable Trust to help us grow. We are currently fundraising to modernise the upper floors of the museum. 

Like all museum's and galleries we have been working hard to make sure your current visit is as safe as possible. We are proud to have the 'good to go' certificate showing our commitment to keeping you safe. 

Read our Covid-19 guidance here 

Wanting more from your visit?

We offer premium tours (which you need to book in advance) of the collections not on show in the free museum. These are given by the museum director or one of our expert volunteers and will share the stories behind some of the most precious pieces we own. You will also get a chance to see the Royal Crown Derby archives  and glimpse some of the amazing sketch books that belonged to some of our best artists. As a special offer to celebrate our reopening we are offering Premium Tours at a discounted rate for a limited time only. 

Coming soon 

In the coming months we will be adding refreshments to our on site offer and expanding the interactive tours on offer to include insights into the manufacturing process and our fascinating historic site. 

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Plan your visit

To Book a premium tour please e-mail 

Our usual opening times are as follows:

Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm (last entry 3.30)


Museum: Free

Premium Tour – lasting 1 hour

Adults: Special offer £10  including voluntary donation of £2

Opening hours 
Monday to Friday 
10am to 4pm
(last entry 3.30) 
Free on site parking 
for visitors and customers

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