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My name is Francis, (real names anonymised) I would like to tell you how we became to have this piece of Royal Crown Derby in our home.

Betty my mother-in-law, in her late 60’s got married for the second time to Alfred who was in his 70’s. Alfred was well known within the local community and had affiliation to the West Indian Community Association in Derby. He worked tirelessly for association on several charity projects. When the Chairman of the WICA heard Alfred was going to be married to Betty he was extremely excited and wanted to Bestow a gift on the couple. Betty and Alfred were married in 2015 and for a wedding present the chairman gave them a lovely Royal Crown Derby plate which is embossed in gold leaf and beautiful roses.  Unfortunately, in 2018 Alfred became unwell and died and of cancer. The following year Betty was also diagnosed with cancer and passed away. When my family came to clear their home, we came across this lovely piece of Royal Crown Derby which the couple had cherished for many years. This piece of Crown Derby plate now has a place in my home, proudly placed in my living room. Whenever I look up at it, I think about Betty and Alfred, a lovely couple who did so much for their community. Their Crown Derby China plate reminds us of their love for each other the legacy they have left for us to follow.

Rose Flower
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