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Collecting Home

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Welcome to Collecting Home, does your collection take you home? How do your most treasured collections connect you to your home? What stories could your collected items tell?


The Royal Crown Derby plate pictured below connects one family's hopes for the future across continents. 

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Royal Crown Derby Museum  received 8.5K of funding from AIM and the National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2022 to collaborate with artist, documenter and storyteller Alison Solomon to reach new audiences and o explore people’s collections of Royal Crown Derby and what the items mean to them.


Royal Crown Derby is one of the world’s most iconic porcelain brands and is collected by a wide variety of people from the Royal family to your next-door neighbour. This project focuses mainly on British Caribbean collectors in Derby and Derbyshire.


If you have a story to tell or want to be kept up to date about workshops drop me a line at

We could not have done this project without the support of the following
The Hadhari Project, The Derby West Indian Association. Derby City Lab Team (for hosting workshops and drop ins), Our photographers. Oliver, Ayush and Ravi, Derby University, Ludwig Ramsey, Birmingham University, Lisa Peter, Our factory staff here at Royal Crown Derby, Our Volunteer team especially Olivia, Sue, John and Chris who supported the City Lab pop ups, Richard Carruthers, Devon Daley, Jack Tymon and Emma Snow at BBC Derby who helped promote, Pauline Roessler, UK Creative Community Fellowship, Derby Museums, Format Festival and photographer Oliver Chanarin. Also Dr Kate Nichols, FHEA , University of Birmingham and British Art Network Research Group: Race, Empire and the Pre-Raphaelites: Decolonising Victorian Art and Design

And of course our funders Heritage Lottery Fund and AIM (The Association of Independent Museums) and of course all our fantastic participants.

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