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Welcome to Collecting Home, does your collection take you home? How do your most treasured collections connect you to your home? What stories could your collected items tell?


The Royal Crown Derby plate pictured below connects one family's hopes for the future across continents. 

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Royal Crown Derby Museum is delighted to announce it has received 8.5K of funding from AIM and the National Lottery Heritage Fund to collaborate with new audiences to explore people’s collections of Royal Crown Derby and what the items mean to them.


Royal Crown Derby is one of the world’s most iconic porcelain brands and is collected by a wide variety of people from the Royal family to your next-door neighbour. This project focuses initially on British Caribbean collectors before reaching out to a wider audience.


Collaborating with artist, documenter and storyteller Alison Solomon, Royal Crown Derby Museum will launch a series of workshops in Derby inviting participants to bring collected items and helping them to craft stories around those items. dates and venues will soon be announced so watch this space. 

If you have a story to tell or want to be kept up to date about workshops drop me a line at