Covid 19

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Watch the video for an overview of our Covid-19 guidelines 

Covid-19 FAQ 

Will I have to que? 

Our museum and shop have capacity to welcome ten visitors inside at once. We have a courtyard area with bench seating where you can wait if we are busy when you arrive.  We also have free onsite parking for visitors. 

Please maintain a distance of between 1 and 2 meters from anyone not in your social bubble. 

Can I use the loo? 

Yes, our facilities can be used on a one in one out basis. We have hand sanitiser outside for you to use before and after your visit to the facilities. The toilets we are using are small and  up stairs but we do have accessible facilities  available on request in a different part of the site. So do ask if you would like to use them. 

How many other people will be there? 

We will limit access to 10 visitors at once. Because of the nature of the museum we are unable to create a one way system which limits numbers but please do look out for each other at any pinch points. 

Why do I need to give my details?

Museums have been asked to be part of the track and trace system. So we will be asking for the name and number of the lead member of any groups and from individuals visiting independently. Data will be stored securely and destroyed when no longer needed.

If you purchase a premium tour we may also ask if you are able to gift aid your voluntary donation. To claim gift aid the museum needs to take your name and address. Again all details are stored securely  and destroyed as needed. 

The track and trace database and the gift aid database are not linked. 

How will I be protected? 

We have installed sneeze screens by the till. We can accept contactless payment where possible and where not possible our terminal will be wiped down after each transaction. We can accept cash purchases but we would ask you to avoid that if you can. 

Cash donations will be quarantined over the weekend before being counted. 

Masks yes or no? 

We encourage visitors who can ware a mask to ware one. However we know that not everyone can use a mask and we will respect that need. 

And Finally

We have carefully risk assessed the museum and shop and increased our cleaning regime.