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Pattern of Life Story Archive 

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Tom gave his wife a beautiful gift, but was it what she was expecting? 


This touching story of recovery is Michael's story as voiced by Chris.

Michael's story
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This young couple were given an unexpected wedding present .... Their story is voiced by Richard 

The Gift - Crown Derby
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A talented artist inspired by Royal Crown Derby....


Antique dealer and restorer a super piece with special memories. 


Patricia's memories of Royal Crown Derby and her own treasured collection 


Anne spoke to our museum Director about her Royal Crown Derby Memories


We don’t know how it got broken, or if anyone broke it, I think it was a big bump in the road. Anyway we’d packed it down like always and when we got to the new stopping place when we took it out of the newspaper it was in ten or more pieces. A lovely little sugar bowl it was and as useless as it was we just couldn’t bring ourselves to throw it away. Years later we found a man who could fix it and I showed this little old man with big thick glasses my bag of pieces.

Another jigsaw he said smiling. When I collected it you could hardly see where it had been joined. As I paid him I asked him how he’d done it what he’d used … He held up a tin of condensed milk I couldn’t get over it milk to fix the sugar bowl.


We were young and headstrong and we lost our trailer because of it, we were pulling off a camp keen to get to the next place and instead of waiting and going together we set off on our own. We parked up half way got out of the van and went to the shops with the children. We got back from the shops and couldn’t believe the trailer had gone, we did all the daft things you do when you can’t believe something then finally we found a phone box and called the police and we did the only thing we could head off to the next camp. We get stopped by the police on the way, they’d found the caravan it had been left at the side of the road the door had been forced open and the box of Derby had gone but everything else was still there….As pleased as we were to get the Trailer and all our stuff back we never forgot about the Derby especially a little pair of candlesticks that had been given to us by an old woman, years later we’re in a big antique market when we saw a pair of candlesticks just like the ones we had long story but it turned out they were the ones we had and we got them back.


Royal Crown Derby memories

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